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Disability Benefits 101

Disability Benefits 101 (DB101) is a leading resource on disability benefits and work incentives. The first DB101 site, DB101 California, launched in 2004. Since then, DB101 has evolved into an integrated suite of online calculators, tools, and content in 11 states, covering more than a third of the population of the United States. Between the DB101 sites, there are dozens of Estimators and tools, and hundreds of content articles that help users users and counselors plan ahead and visualize the effects of earned income and other life changes on benefits, income, and health coverage.

Housing Benefits 101

Housing Benefits 101 (HB101) builds off of the successful approach of DB101 and brings the signature 101 planning and information services to the housing benefits world. With in-depth content, integrated and personalized planning tools, and a powerful set of Vault paths and activities, HB101 helps people figure out their housing goals and develop a plan to get there. The flagship HB101 site launched in Minnesota in 2015.


Vets101, a nationwide site that launched in 2015, provided career planning tools and information to make it easier for veterans to navigate career and finance decisions. Vets101's plain language articles introduced over 100 veteran-related programs. Interactive tools allowed users to develop and save custom reading lists of the top priority programs to explore and estimate the effects of a job on their benefits and health coverage.

Vets101 is currently inactive due to lack of funding. The site can still be viewed through the Internet Archive.