About Us

Founded in 1998, Eightfold Way Consultants designs and develops usable, accessible, and effective websites, web-based applications, and mobile applications for nonprofit and other organizations. Eightfold Way provides:

  • Website architecture building
  • Advanced software development
  • Design and content development services
  • Strategic consulting assistance for our clients

Eightfold Way is the primary technical consultant for an array of websites, including Disability Benefits 101, Housing Benefits 101, and Vets101. For these sites, developed with our partners the World Institute on Disability and ECONorthwest, Eightfold Way’s contributions include site design, site architecture, navigation, content management, writing and editing, hosting, and strategic consulting. Collectively, the 13 websites in the “101” family of websites reach approximately a million people each year.

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Our Team

Jack Eastman, President

Jack is Eightfold Way’s lead technologist, responsible for the f8 Content Management System and all user interface development. Prior to founding Eightfold Way in 1998, Jack was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of CloudSource, a company dedicated to creating high-quality websites for small businesses and government agencies. In the late 1980's, he wrote the wildly successful screen saver software After Dark and invented the famous Flying Toasters. As Vice President of Engineering and CTO at Berkeley Systems, Jack directed the development of many popular utility and game software titles, including the hit You Don't Know Jack.

Jack holds a Ph.D. in High-Energy Particle Physics from UC Berkeley.

Julia Day Steinberg, Director of Operations

Julia manages Eightfold Way’s daily operations. After several years at the World Institute on Disability, long-time Eightfold Way partner, Julia came to Eightfold Way in 2013. Julia brings over 15 years of social service experience in the nonprofit, government, foundation, and consultant sectors to the team at Eightfold Way.

Julia studied at UC Berkeley, earning her Masters in Social Work with a Concentration in Management and Planning.

Gabriel Many, Director of Content Development

Gabriel supervises research and writing for Eightfold Way’s websites. His overarching responsibility is to ensure that Eightfold Way successfully explains complex policy in plain language. Gabriel came to Eightfold Way in 2013, after six years at the World Institute on Disability.

Gabriel has a Masters in Library and Information Science from San José State University and a Masters in Latin American Studies from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar in Quito, Ecuador.