We make information engaging and accessible.

Website Design

Eightfold Way assembles a team to design sites that meet the needs of organizations and their target audiences. The resulting sites are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to adapt over time to meet growing needs.


Our team of experienced writers and editors knows how to present complex concepts in plain language. We have expertise in public programs and policies, such as federal and state disability benefits, housing benefits, and veterans’ benefits. Our audiences include the beneficiaries of public programs, their allies, and professionals who work with them.

In addition, our websites support multiple languages and we manage Spanish translation for many sites.

Interactive Tools

We work closely with our clients to design and build interactive tools to help our users solve specific problems or understand specific concepts. Tools vary in size and complexity, ranging from simple mini-tools that only require answering a few questions to multiple-page questionnaires that enable us to make long-term predictions for users. Our Vault technology lets users save their progress and share their results with people they trust.

Videos and Social Media

We produce videos to complement our articles and tools. They explain how to best use the information we present and give users another way of understanding key concepts. We also manage social media accounts so that we can keep users informed about the content and tools on our websites, and about related news.

Long-Term Content Management and Maintenance

Through long-term partnerships, Eightfold Way manages websites and keeps information up-to-date for years, or even decades. We maintain site infrastructure to ensure security, stability, and functionality, and maintain site content so that it is always accurate. Our technology and experience allow us to easily handle scheduled changes and quickly respond to unexpected changes. Regular meetings with our clients ensure that the sites we build and maintain always meet our users’ needs.